A little urban meadow

At the end of the quay an embankment planted with Italian poplars borders the road.  A paved zone marks the meadow, where the stones have been placed far enough apart to allow vegetation to grow between them.

Poppies and dandelions give a dash of colour to these verdant spaces. From mid-April, the delicate poppy (Papaver rhoeas) appears, with its distinctive four red petals; it is able to grow even in difficult conditions.  The tiny size and longevity of its seeds, which are distributed by the wind, allow it to colonize other sites further away. 

Level with the Pont Marie, Chinese willows (Salix matsudana) and plane trees shade the riverbanks.


A pedestrianised boulevard

The Georges Pompidou expressway is a former urban highway that was converted into a road shared by vehicles and pedestrians. A 3.3 km section, between the entrance to the Tunnel des Tuileries and the exit of the Henri IV tunnel, is now entirely devoted to pedestrians and cyclists. Motor vehicle traffic has been moved to the upper bank and nearby streets. This has been done as part of the City of Paris’ drive to combat air pollution, which has become a public health issue, and also contributes to the enhancement of the banks of the Seine (listed as UNESCO World Heritage).

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