Composting at the foot of buildings

The community garden - the Jardin des Habitants du 179 rue de Charonne - is found at the end of the passageway, after passing the large porch. It is managed by the association of the same name, which is a participant in the Main Verte’ programme. Amateur gardeners along with 13 households from the building take part in the composting programme at the foot of the building. This activity is very complementary to the gardening they do. The green waste (lawn trimmings and vegetable peelings) are deposited in the 3 plastic containers installed in the shared garden. The compost results from the breakdown of the waste by earthworms and other micro fauna in the soil (woodlice, springtails…). It is rich in nutritional elements which  are released into the soil of the vegetable garden. It is also used to amend the soil. Decomposers are an important part of ecosystems and their presence in the soil is an indication of its vitality. Vegetable and flower beds are marked out with wooden logs to contain the topsoil and keep the surface horizontal.

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